The Tesla Model X. The UK will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040. (Tesla) Alternative Fuels

Gas ruled out from powering UK’s new electric cars

The UK’s ban on new fossil fuel-powered cars from 2040 will increase power demand, but new generation will mainly come from renewables, analysts say.

By Silvia Favasuli 27 July 2017
South Korea’s Shin-Kori nuclear plant, where reactor technology identical to Barakah has been installed. (PA) Alternative Fuels

UAE prepares to start up first nuclear plant

The construction of Abu Dhabi’s nuclear power facility appears to be on schedule, but unresolved issues surrounding its operation remain.

26 January 2016
Train cars containing coal unload at Dominion Terminal Associates’ facility in Newport, Virginia. (PA) Alternative Fuels

Coal falls out of favour in the United States

Once the primary source of power generation in the United States, King Coal is now under siege across the land.

25 January 2016
Solar panels in the UAE. The country could become a hub for renewable energy finance. (PA) Alternative Fuels

Financial innovation needed in Gulf renewables

If the Middle East is to meet its ambitious energy targets, the renewables industry will need to access new sources of finance.

21 January 2016
Alternative Fuels

US emission limit cuts hit coal production

With emission reductions required across the United States, cuts to higher-emitting power generators should be expected.

18 January 2016
Inside a German coal power plant. The sector is set to struggle without CCS technology. (EP) Alternative Fuels

COP21 is a wake-up call for gas as well as coal

Although gas is expected to fare better than coal in the transition to low-carbon technology, both sectors would see long-term benefits from carbon capture and storage.

15 January 2016
Alternative Fuels

Brent crude hits 12-year low

Brent and West Texas Intermediate crude oil prices remain weak, with Brent prices falling to a 12-year low on Thursday to trade at $29.73 per barrel.

14 January 2016
Alternative Fuels

Cuomo pledges coal-free New York by 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has promised to make the state of New York coal free by 2020.

14 January 2016
Alternative Fuels

Fourth US coal producer files for bankruptcy

Low oil and gas prices and stringent environmental regulations introduced in 2015 have seen four United States coal producers file for bankruptcy in the past year.

12 January 2016
Japan’s Takahama nuclear power plant, which is preparing to restart next month. (PA) Alternative Fuels

Nuclear restarts to dampen Japan’s LNG demand

Japan’s Takahama nuclear power plant is expected to restart this month, reducing the country’s need to import LNG.

12 January 2016
The Staudinger black coal power plant near Frankfurt. The coal industry is facing challenging times. (EP) Alternative Fuels

Air quality directive softened ahead of final talks

A revised EU directive to impose stricter caps on pollutants not covered by the Emissions Trading System has been weakened before the final negotiations.

11 January 2016
Alternative Fuels

Scotland's largest solar farm begins construction

Construction has started on Scotland’s largest solar farm, which will include 55,000 solar panels on 28 hectares of land near Perth.

7 January 2016
The Drax coal-fired power station in the UK. The White Rose CCS project is now unlikely to be built there. (PA) Alternative Fuels

Carbon capture is make-or-break for coal – IEA

Carbon capture and storage could be a lifeline for the coal sector, but only if governments support the technology.

7 January 2016
Alternative Fuels

EU to investigate state aid for Drax biomass plan

The European Commission has opened an investigation into whether the UK’s plans to support the conversion of part of the Drax coal-fired power plant to operate on biomass are in line with EU state aid rules.

6 January 2016
Alternative Fuels

Brazil’s gas imports dip as reservoirs recover

There are hopes that Brazil’s power crisis, which required large volumes of LNG to be imported, may be receding as more hydroelectric power becomes available.

6 January 2016
The Toyota Mirai is the Japanese company’s mass-market hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. (Toyota) Alternative Fuels

Japan drives for hydrogen future

Japan is investing heavily in the use of hydrogen as a fuel for transport, but it will not meet the country’s climate goals unless it is produced from low-carbon electricity.

5 January 2016
Alternative Fuels

Kansai to restart Takahama reactor 3

Japan’s Kansai Electric expects to begin operating reactor 3 at the Takahama nuclear power plant at the end of January and start commercial operations in February.

5 January 2016
Alternative Fuels

German gas-to-power demand falls by 7%

German gas consumption increased by 5% in 2015 because of the cooler weather in the first half of the year, but gas-fired power generation fell by 7%.

4 January 2016
Alternative Fuels

Takahama nuclear plant restart receives governor's consent

The governor of Japan’s Fukui prefecture, Issei Nishikawa, has consented to restarting reactors 3 and 4 at the Takahama nuclear power plant this week.

23 December 2015
Alternative Fuels

US lifts oil export ban

American legislators have agreed to lift the 40-year ban on crude oil exports from the country on Tuesday night as part of a spending and tax package bill.

16 December 2015
Alternative Fuels

Coal losing market share to gas in power sector

Coal is losing market share to gas in power generation across the world and the trend looks set to continue, research shows.

16 December 2015

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