The Tesla Semi electric truck. Alternative Fuels

Tesla’s electric truck poses a threat to LNG

The launch of Tesla’s electric truck, which has a range of 800 km, is a major cause for concern for LNG vehicles.

By The Wildcat 17 November 2017
Alternative Fuels

South Korean public backs nuclear

A South Korean opinion poll has shown support for resuming construction of two nuclear power plant projects.

20 October 2017
The Poolbeg CCGT gas-fired power plant in Ringsend, Dublin. Alternative Fuels

All eyes on carbon as gas wins EU power market share

Gas has gained market share in European power generation, but carbon prices will likely need to rise if the trend is to continue.

19 October 2017
Eni's carbon capture and utilisation project. Alternative Fuels

Eni using algae to capture carbon dioxide

The Italian oil and gas major has developed an industrial-scale pilot plant using algae to capture CO2 and is looking at scaling up the project.

19 October 2017
Alternative Fuels

US coal production falls in H1 2017

United States coal production decreased marginally in the first half of 2017.

18 October 2017
Alternative Fuels

Shell opens its first three EV charging points in the UK

Shell opened its first three charging points for electric vehicles in the UK on Wednesday.

18 October 2017
Alternative Fuels

Shell to buy electric vehicle charging company

Shell will buy electric vehicle charging provider NewMotion, the company said in a note on Thursday.

13 October 2017
The Pluto LNG plant. Alternative Fuels

LNG at risk as Australia’s policy inaction continues

An absence of energy policy and uncertainty as emissions deadlines loom could see LNG operators shoulder a higher share of the emission reduction burden.

12 October 2017
Alternative Fuels

Renewable power expanding faster than expected – IEA

Expansion in renewables capacity broke records in 2016, with large growth in Chinese solar capacity a big driver.

9 October 2017
A photo of Norway’s CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad. Alternative Fuels

CCS thrown a lifeline after majors commit

Recent developments in CCS in Norway should be watched closely by the European power sector.

6 October 2017
Alternative Fuels

Loans approved to improve Indian power transmission

Two Asian banks have approved a $100 million loan for India to improve its power transmission network and expand the use of solar and wind energy.

5 October 2017
Alternative Fuels

India extends credit line to Bangladesh to join civil nuclear programme

India has extended a credit line to Bangladesh with a provision that spend $1 billion on power transmission facilities for its nuclear power plant.

5 October 2017
Alternative Fuels

Arabian solar offer could be world’s cheapest

Masdar and EDF have offered to supply solar power to Saudi Arabia for $0.017/kWh, which will set a new world record for the lowest price for solar power if selected.

4 October 2017
Alternative Fuels

Global solar capacity increases by 50% in 2016

Solar PV capacity grew faster than that of any other power source in 2016, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency

4 October 2017
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GM announces plans for all-electric future

General Motors has said it “believes in an all-electric future” and has announced plans to launch at least 20 new all-electric vehicles by 2023.

3 October 2017
A photo of the Orense wind farm in Spain.. Alternative Fuels

Regulatory visibility remains key to energy investment

Energy regulators have highlighted the need for regulatory visibility to foster investor confidence in the energy sector.

29 September 2017
Alternative Fuels

Trinidad must increase electricity rates – Energy Chamber CEO

The chief executive of Trinidad and Tobago’s Energy Chamber, Thackwray Driver, has urged the government to “bite the bullet” and increase electricity rates.

28 September 2017
Alternative Fuels

Tunisia’s consumers have a $405 mln electricity bill

Tunisian Electricity and Gas Corp. has said that Tunisian electricity consumers owe TND 1 billion in unpaid bills.

27 September 2017
A fermentation tank for biogas in the UK. Alternative Fuels

Auction plan may slow biogas growth in France

Biogas production has risen quickly in France, but plans to abolish feed-in tariffs in favour of auctions could put the brakes on its continued growth.

26 September 2017
Alternative Fuels

Chilean presidential candidate pledges 100% renewable power by 2040

Chilean presidential candidate Sebastian Piñera has pledged “a 100% clean and renewable electricity grid” by 2040.

25 September 2017
A photo of a Blue Corridors event for gas-fuelled vehicles in Brussels. Alternative Fuels

NGVs left in the dust by electric competition

The window of opportunity for NGVs to operate as a bridge from oil-fuelled to electric vehicles is fast disappearing.

22 September 2017

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