Gas for Transport

Electric vehicles are set to gain from stricter CO2 limits

EU nations water down CO2 limits for cars

EU nations have scaled down their ambitions on CO2 limits for cars and vans, but the electrification of the road transport sector looks set to continue.

10 October 2018 Europe & Russia
Electric vehicles charging in Paris

EU parliament vote gives boost to electric vehicles

The European Parliament has voted for stricter limits on CO2 emissions from passenger cars and vans in a move that could speed up the electrification of Europe’s transport sector.

4 October 2018 Europe & Russia
LPG cylinders

LPG offers low-carbon option for developed countries

The World LPG Association has argued that LPG could play a bigger role in transitioning developed countries to low-carbon energy sources.

3 October 2018 World

Liqvis to commission permanent LNG refuelling station in Germany

Liqvis is preparing to commission one of Germany’s first permanent LNG refuelling stations.

20 September 2018 Europe & Russia

Northern China to switch to less-polluting fuels for heavy-duty trucks

China is working on a plan to replace as many as 1 million heavy-duty diesel trucks in the northern half of the country.

13 September 2018 Asia Pacific

Novatek and Rosatomflot to develop LNG-powered icebreakers

Novatek and Rosatomflot have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop a fleet of LNG-powered icebreakers.

12 September 2018 Europe & Russia

Kogas launches LNG-powered truck

Kogas has launched a new LNG-powered truck in South Korea.

11 September 2018 Asia Pacific
MEP Miriam Dalli in the ENVI committee.

MEPs bolster ambition on CO2 standards for cars

MEPs have put pressure on the EU to adopt more ambitious CO2 targets for cars and vans following a key vote in Strasbourg on Monday night.

11 September 2018 Europe & Russia
A Chinese LNG bunkering barge

China takes new policy steps to advance LNG bunkering

The government is enacting policies to encourage local shipowners to use LNG and boost development of the necessary bunkering infrastructure.

5 September 2018 Asia Pacific

Navigator Aura carrier converted to run on ethane

The Navigator Aura, an LNG, ethylene and LPG carrier, has had its engine converted to be able to burn ethane as a fue

28 August 2018 World
Kogas’s LNG terminal in Incheon offers truck-to-ship LNG bunkering

Kogas targets gas for transport in investment drive

Kogas is looking to the transport sector to drum up new demand for LNG under its new investment plan.

24 August 2018 Asia Pacific

Hapag-Lloyd converts container ship to run on LNG

Hapag-Lloyd is converting one of its vessels to run on LNG and installing emissions reduction technology in two others.

14 August 2018 World

Woodside asks Australian government to speed up adoption of electric vehicles

Woodside has called on the Australian government to accelerate the adoption of fuel cell technology and electric vehicles

14 August 2018 Asia Pacific

Snam and Eni sign contract to build CNG filling stations

Eni and Snam have signed a contract worth €10 million to set up 20 CNG vehicular refuelling stations in Italy

10 August 2018 Europe & Russia

Japanese companies collaborate to expand LNG bunker fuel market

Japanese companies have signed an MOU to collaborate on commercialising and expanding the LNG bunker fuel market

7 August 2018 Asia Pacific

Hanoi introduces CNG-fuelled buses

Vietnam introduced buses running on CNG into Hanoi last week.

6 August 2018 Asia Pacific
Engie’s LNG bunkering vessel

IMO sulphur regulations pit fuel oil against gas

The introduction of tighter sulphur emissions limits for marine fuels could lead to a swell of high-sulphur fuel oil on the market.

2 August 2018 World

China removes tax on gas-powered ships

China’s Ministry of Finance has scrapped vessel taxes on ships powered by gas

1 August 2018 Asia Pacific
A gas-powered HGV.

Snam’s DESFA buyout is positive for Greek NGV sector

The gas-for-transport sector has good prospects in Greece, and Italy’s Snam looks set to lead its development.

26 July 2018 Europe & Russia

India considers LNG for transport

India’s government has said it may promote LNG as a transport fuel.

24 July 2018 Asia Pacific

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