Gas for Transport

Snam signs partnership agreement with SEAT

Italy's Snam and Spanish car manufacturer SEAT have signed an agreement to promote vehicles fuelled by CNG and renewable gases

26 November 2018 Europe & Russia

South Korea supports shipbuilders with large order of LNG-fuelled vessels

The South Korean government plans to order 140 LNG-powered vessels by 2025, which will financially prop up the country’s ailing shipbuilding industry.

23 November 2018 Asia Pacific

India plans to back city gas and CNG expansions

India’s minister for petroleum and natural gas has written an article promoting government efforts to make city gas and CNG more available.

22 November 2018 Asia Pacific

Malaysia to build first LNG-fuelled vessel

Malaysia plans to build its first LNG-fuelled ship, which will serve the country’s oil and gas sector

20 November 2018 Asia Pacific
The Huelva LNG terminal in Spain

Enagás awaits reforms for LNG bunkering operations

Spain risks missing out on the burgeoning demand for LNG as a marine fuel if it fails to adapt the regulations for its terminals.

20 November 2018 Europe & Russia

First methanol-fuelled ship in Asia set to launch in late 2019

The first vessel in Asia to run on methanol is expected to set sail from Singapore in late 2019

19 November 2018 Asia Pacific
MEP Bas Eickhout

EU parliament vote gives hope for gas in transport

A vote for tighter CO2 emissions targets in Strasbourg could give gas a greater role in powering heavy-duty vehicles.

16 November 2018 Europe & Russia

Italy takes delivery of first LNG-fuelled ferry

Italy’s first LNG-fuelled ferry has been delivered to Gruppo Caronte & Tourist

15 November 2018 Europe & Russia
An HGV being refuelled with LNG at Pontadera in Italy

LNG trucking faces long-term challenges

The use of LNG as a fuel for long-haul trucking is gaining popularity, but it is unclear whether it can compete with zero-emissions technology over the longer term.

13 November 2018 Europe & Russia

Uniper launches first of 14 planned LNG filling stations near Berlin

Uniper subsidiary Liqvis opened the first of 14 planned LNG filling stations on Monday

5 November 2018 Europe & Russia

Up to a million hydrogen-fuelled vehicles could be on China’s roads by 2030

China could have 5,000 hydrogen-fuelled vehicles on its roads by 2020 and 1 million by 2030, a UN official has said.

2 November 2018 Asia Pacific
The Stavangerfjord LNG-fuelled vessel

LNG shipping sector needs government support

Tightening regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from ships means LNG will struggle to be a long-term choice for the shipping industry.

29 October 2018 World

LNG could fuel 10% of global shipping fleet by 2040

Around 10% of the world’s ships could be using LNG as a marine fuel by 2040.

26 October 2018 World

Jemena trialling green gas in New South Wales

Australian energy infrastructure operator Jemena will hold a A$15.0 million trial run of a process to produce hydrogen from solar and wind power.

22 October 2018 Asia Pacific
LNG bunkering with the Engie Zeebrugge

Asia steps up LNG bunkering services

Indonesia’s Pertamina plans to offer LNG bunkering at the Arun terminal as an alternative to Singapore.

19 October 2018 Asia Pacific

Renewables ‘tipping point’ to be reached by 2035 – Woodmac

The world will reach a “sustainability tipping point” by 2035, Wood Mackenzie has predicted.

18 October 2018 World
Green MEP Bas Eickhout

NGV sector awaits key vote in EU parliament

A vote in the European Parliament’s environment committee on Thursday may help accelerate the use of gas in long-haul road transport.

15 October 2018 Europe & Russia
Electric vehicles are set to gain from stricter CO2 limits

EU nations water down CO2 limits for cars

EU nations have scaled down their ambitions on CO2 limits for cars and vans, but the electrification of the road transport sector looks set to continue.

10 October 2018 Europe & Russia
Electric vehicles charging in Paris

EU parliament vote gives boost to electric vehicles

The European Parliament has voted for stricter limits on CO2 emissions from passenger cars and vans in a move that could speed up the electrification of Europe’s transport sector.

4 October 2018 Europe & Russia
LPG cylinders

LPG offers low-carbon option for developed countries

The World LPG Association has argued that LPG could play a bigger role in transitioning developed countries to low-carbon energy sources.

3 October 2018 World

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