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Green Maritime Forum

23-24 April 2018

Green Maritime Forum will offer a comprehensive program focusing on the expansion and development of shipping related processes. Utilizing the knowledge of expert speakers, industry leaders will be able to obtain the tools and practices they need to cultivate the most innovative and environmentally-friendly Maritime business. Speakers and fellow attendees will engage and learn together, offering powerful insights on current industry trends, forming partnerships, identifying business growth opportunities, and cementing companies’ role as a force for good when they look for ways to protect the environment. It is a perfect chance to meet marine professionals and industry luminaries.

We hold up to 30+ speaker slots with carefully picked out topics that suffice the issues and dynamics of the market. During the Summit, influential leaders will provide critical business insights and you will hear lively debates on the top issues the Maritime Industry is facing today and might face in the future. This is an incredible opportunity for everyone in the Shipping Industry to get together and share their expertise, for the greater goal – to make the Maritime Industry as green as possible. Present your knowledge, expertise, and experience globally to colleagues from every segment in Maritime.

Key event topics:

  • Factors Affecting Shipping and Bunkering Progress
  • Sulfur Reductions Costs and Challenges for Shipowners
  • Environmental Regulations: New Policies and Requirements
  • Outlook on Innovative Ports – Securing Sustainability
  • Developing and Financing LNG in Global Shipping
  • Alternative Fueling Opportunities in Europe and Middle East
  • Smart Shipping Solutions – How Technology Affects the Industry
  • Latest Maritime Industry Trends and Future Opportunities
  • Risk Management – Controlling Safety and Security

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