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ECF2018 8th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit

17-19 October 2018

Energy China Forum for Shale Gas (ECF) is a celebrated petroleum platform, dedicated to unconventional resources development in China and Asia. ECF's annual Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit series has attracted international attention, and is recognised as China's leading conference in unconventional oil and gas, along with the summit's complementary events for petroleum and business experts.


  • Change: Shale oil & gas, unconventional and conventional gas has become industrial focuses after the oil & gas industry began recovering from a three-year crash.
  • Challenge: China’s oil & gas industry keeps changing with globalization, new energy policy and technology breakthrough. Chinese energy companies are facing strategic and technical challenges brought by new supply sources and the uncertainty of technology revolution.
  • Opportunity: Drillers are paying more attention to optimize efficiency and economy while promoting development in more complex operations such as low/ultra-low-permeability and unconventional resources under fluctuating market. This brings new opportunities for service providers and tech innovators.

Summit coverage

  • Evaluating the prospects of unconventional oil and gas
  • Understanding emerging forces in the market
  • Devoting major efforts to the transformation of technology, innovation and policy
  • Coordination of climate policy, energy security and commercial viability

Global Development

  • Policy Changes and Influences on Unconventional Oil & Gas – North America and Europe
  • Conventional and Unconventional Energy Development in Asia-Pacific
  • Experiences – Project Management Optimization in Permian Shale

Public Affairs

  • China Oil & Gas Policy – Production, Environment and Market
  • Oil & Gas Operators in China: Cost Reduction, Efficiency Improvement and Project Management
  • Environment Protection, Regulation and Local Policy Impact during Operations

Advanced Technology & Market in China Shale Gas

  • Status and Prospects of China Shale Gas Development
  • Exploration and Sweet-Spot Tech
  • Clean Technology and Environment in Production
  • Stimulation Chemicals
  • Digital Tech Application in Oil & Gas Fields
  • Fracturing Sand Market
  • Water Treatment Market
  • Advanced Technology Development – Rotary Drilling, Drilling Fluid, PDC Bits, CTD, etc.

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