EnergyHub is an online data and reference resource providing detailed country, company and project profiles.

Introducing EnergyHub

EnergyHub offers a unique resource to the global gas industry by providing an in-depth look at the activities of the industry at country, company and project scale. It gathers information from a wide range of sources to provide facts, analysis and statistics. The latest Natural Gas Daily news and analyses are streamed into the profiles, providing the opportunity to obtain the latest information and exclusive content on the biggest stories.

EnergyHub is building up a database of profiles covering the major gas producing and consuming nations, most active companies operating in the sector and large projects in development. The profiles include maps displaying pipelines routes, tables summarising projects; and graphs allowing users to compare statistics across countries.

Country profiles

Country profiles provide an in-depth summary of the major developments and critical issues facing the gas industry with a focus on economic and political conditions; policy and regulation changes; domestic market conditions; priorities and critical issues facing the country's gas industry; and country-specific gas and LNG production

Company profiles

Company profiles provide an introduction to that company, with a brief background followed by statistics on finances, credit ratings, shareholder structure, executive management and more. The context section identifies the company's key priorities and challenges. Statistics and information on gas production and reserves are included along with information on the company's key areas of operation and involvement in major gas projects.

Project profiles

Project profiles provide details on gas, LNG, and pipeline projects - including background and feasibility as well as detailed maps of pipeline routes and terminal locations. The profiles include information on capacities, ownership, transit countries, supply sources, end consumers and capex costs.

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