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Tom Hoskyns joined Interfax in October 2012 from ICIS Heren. There he wrote news and analysis of the European power and gas markets, focusing specifically on France, Belgium, Italy and Germany. Before moving to ICIS he reported on developments in global energy law at Law Business Research.

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Source: Enagas, Snam Rete Gas, Interfax

Italian contracts keep African flows to Europe high

After a slight drop in Week 11, pipeline deliveries from North Africa to Europe ticked up by 1.1% in Week 12, to 912.6 million cubic metres.

28 March 2017

Gas surpasses coal in UK power market

Gas overtook coal as the UK’s main source of electricity generation in 2016.

27 March 2017

Russia plans to boost LNG output

If realised, Russia’s plans for new liquefaction projects could see the country become the world’s fourth-largest LNG producer in 10 years’ time.

23 March 2017
Source: Enagas, Snam Rete Gas, Interfax

Algerian exports down despite year-on-year gains

Italian pipeline imports from North Africa fell slightly in Week 11 from a week earlier as domestic demand continued to decline.

21 March 2017
Igor Yusufov with Former Vice President Dick Cheney after the first US-Russia energy summit in 2002. (Igor Yusufov)

Russia and US need third energy summit – Yusufov

Former Russian energy minister Igor Yusufov believes a third Russian-American energy summit is key to furthering bilateral energy ties.

9 March 2017
The Khazzan field in Oman, part of the ‘strong portfolio’ cited by upstream chief Bernard Looney. (BP plc)

BP puts its own twist on search for gas riches

BP’s strategy update shows it is prioritising flexibility of scale and is less exposed to LNG than other majors, leaving analysts with a generally favourable impression.

3 March 2017
Source: Enagas, Snam Rete Gas, Interfax

European demand boosts African pipeline exports

Cold weather across southern Europe has kept demand for North African pipeline deliveries high during the opening weeks of 2017.

31 January 2017
Lithuania’s Independence FSRU gives it leverage in gas contract negotiations. (Höegh LNG)

Gazprom’s Lithuania return shows it pays to be cheap

Gazprom’s rising share of Lithuania’s gas market shows countries in the region may be struggling to find anyone to beat the Russians on price.

11 January 2017
Jim Menard, general manager. (The Weather Company)

Weather forecasters have more to offer the upstream

Improvements in weather forecasting technology are starting to benefit upstream operators with greater coverage and longer forecasts, says The Weather Company’s Jim Menard.

6 January 2017
A compressor station in Ukraine. Raising tariffs may be exactly the wrong move. (Naftogaz)

Ukraine needs a U-turn on transit fees – OIES

Ukraine should lower its transit fees for Russian gas, not lift them, if it wants to undermine the case for Nord Stream 2, says Thierry Bros.

24 November 2016

Russia’s nuclear ambitions overseas

Interfax Natural Gas Daily takes a closer look at Rosatom's global nuclear programme and the status of its international agreements.

22 November 2016

Strong Italian demand boosts TransMed volumes

North African pipeline deliveries to Europe rose by 2.6% in Week 47 as a result of strong demand caused by low temperatures

22 November 2016
Source: Enagas, Snam Rete Gas, Interfax

African pipeline exports to Europe keep growing

North African deliveries to Europe continued to grow in Week 46, reaching 883.2 MMcm. This was a week-on-week rise of 2.7% but a 42% rise over the same week in 2015.

15 November 2016
Petronas’s PFLNG project. Senegal may opt for a custom-built vessel. (Petronas)

West Africa’s FLNG dark horses eye 2017 FID

Cooperation on a proposed joint FLNG project could put Senegal and Mauritania in the lead to become the next African gas exporters.

19 July 2016
A Russian gas treatment unit. Varro said some countries suffer badly from methane leakage. (Gazprom)

Methane leakage ‘challenge’ to gas viability – IEA

The increase in carbon reduction policies resulting from the COP21 agreement will put the gas industry under pressure to address its methane leakage problem.

10 May 2016
Russian gas transmission facilities. EU restrictions may go too far. (Gazprom)

Gazprom exec fears ‘unnecessary’ EU restrictions

ACER is due to publish a report on European network congestion at the end of month, but a Gazprom executive is worried it could lead to burdensome restrictions on shippers.

9 May 2016
Badges for the UK’s campaign to leave the EU. The referendum on EU membership takes place on 23 June. (PA)

Experts mull Brexit gas implications

While some of the consequences for the energy sector of a UK exit from the EU are relatively easy to predict, others are less clear cut.

5 April 2016
Ed Davey, the UK’s former secretary of state for energy, has slammed the government’s CCS funding cut. (PA)

UK’s CCS funding cut ‘irrational’ – Davey

The UK’s former secretary of state for energy tells Interfax the government’s decision to scrap funding for CCS makes little sense.

16 March 2016
The Excelerate and the Excelsior, two of Excelerate Energy’s FSRU fleet. (YPF)

Excelerate seeking to diversify – CEO

Rob Bryngelson, chief executive and co-founder of Excelerate Energy, speaks to Interfax about the company’s existing projects and their plans for a global FSRU fleet.

7 December 2015
Petronet’s Kochi LNG terminal. Prabhat Singh says there is huge gas demand potential in India. (Petronet)

Petronet underlines claim as Indian gas aggregator

Petronet LNG is seeking to add to its role as India’s national gas aggregator by taking measures that will help expand the country’s gas industry.

3 December 2015

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