Paul Sampson

DESFA deal collapse leaves questions to answer

SOCAR’s deal to buy a stake in Greece’s gas transmission company has fallen through, leaving the Greeks to search for another solution and the Azerbaijanis with much to ponder.

5 January 2017

SOCAR grapples with Southern Gas Corridor link-up

Azerbaijan is moving ahead with development of the Southern Gas Corridor despite needing to root out some minor problems.

18 October 2016

Lithuania stakes its claim as Baltic gas hub

Lithuania’s Klaipeda LNG terminal has given the Baltic state a valuable weapon in its price negotiations with Gazprom, but Vilnius has bigger plans in mind.

13 October 2016

Russia’s belated Greek gambit

Now Turkish Stream is back on the agenda, Russia is making a push for a 'southern corridor' that would see its gas pumped across Greece to the Balkans and Central Europe.

20 September 2016

Turkmenistan keen to supply Europe despite barriers

Turkmenistan wants to supply gas to Europe, but geopolitics and bad timing stand in its way.

9 September 2016

Kazmunaigas struggles to steady the ship

Low oil prices, high debts and falling production are making life difficult for the Kazakh state company, and its efforts to right itself by taking control of affiliate KMGEP have so far failed.

26 August 2016

Fading hopes for SOCAR’s Greek gambit

Azerbaijan’s state player is determined to make a mark in Europe, but it appears to have made little progress in the past few years.

15 August 2016

SOCAR counts casualties in post-coup Turkey

As one of the largest foreign investors in Turkey, SOCAR has been treading carefully following last month’s failed coup.

4 August 2016

China continues to hold sway in Central Asia

Despite China’s cooling economy, the country’s involvement in Central Asian gas projects shows little sign of slowing down.

25 July 2016

Turkey casts its net wide to firm up gas supplies

Import-dependent Turkey is hoping to reduce its reliance on Russia as it searches for supplies to meet its steadily rising gas demand.

13 July 2016

Russia eyes Med but will keep Ukraine transit – Putin

Ukraine’s gas transit system was under discussion on the sidelines of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum last week.

20 June 2016

Kazakhstan pushes for Tengiz FID

Kazakhstan’s government is trying to expand production at the country’s huge Tengiz field, but it may have difficulty finding the necessary finance.

14 June 2016

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