Ian Nkala

Sub-Saharan Africa correspondent
Ubungo gas-fired power plant in Tanzania.

Power Africa provides welcome boost for gas

Gas is the clear winner from Power Africa so far, with nearly two-thirds of capacity developed under the initiative being gas-fired.

21 September 2017

Tullow begins Zambian exploration drive

Tullow Oil has started exploration in Zambia in a move that the country hopes will reduce its reliance on copper production.

31 August 2017

Tanzania LNG resettlement may start by December

The East African country may start moving people from the proposed LNG plant site before the end of the year, analysts say.

2 August 2017

CBM could help transform Botswana’s power sector

Botswana is highly dependent on electricity imports, but new developments in CBM may help the country abolish its power deficit to become a net exporter.

22 May 2017

Indigenisation inflexibility stymies Zimbabwean gas

Zimbabwe has promising gas reserves, but the government’s commitment to holding 51% of all licences is holding back development.

28 April 2017

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