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A Mauritanian solar plant

Algeria gets realistic about renewables

Algeria has recently talked up its plans to increase its renewable power capacity, but there are signs its interest is starting to wane.

24 April 2018
Macky Sall, president of Senegal

Golar wins Tortue FLNG amid unitisation uncertainty

The selection of an FLNG provider for the West African project is a welcome boost for the venture, but some questions remain.

23 April 2018
A Gazprom wellpad in Algeria

Algerian government raises hopes of changes to hydrocarbon law

The energy ministry will propose changes to the country's oil and gas regulations this year in an attempt to increase investment in Algeria's upstream sector.

27 March 2018

France plans more nuclear outages as winter sets in

France’s nuclear output is at its lowest level for 10 years and more reactors are set to be taken offline soon, leaving gas to plug the gap.

2 December 2016

UK shale: more questions than answers

The UK government intends to speed up the development of shale resources in the country but, beyond the planning and environmental hurdles, there is no guarantee the UK holds as much shale promise as the US.

24 September 2014

Talks over Russia-Ukraine gas dispute will be key price driver

Spot prices in Europe received support from supply restrictions as maintenance works continued last week.

22 September 2014

Ukraine continues to worry European markets

Fundamentals at Europe’s most liquid markets are expected to remain largely bearish this week, with weather forecasts pointing to above-average temperatures.

15 September 2014

Ukraine-related risk premium shows no sign of waning

Fresh diplomatic efforts between Kiev and separatists in Eastern Ukraine caused spot prices to lose ground last week. The crisis remains the main bullish driver at European hubs, with demand broadly stable.

8 September 2014

Expect plenty of surplus LNG – Total’s Broggi

The global LNG market will turn into a buyers’ market beyond 2020, says Guy Broggi, senior LNG adviser at France’s Total. Until then, portfolio companies will provide additional flexible LNG to the highest bidders.

4 September 2014

European spot prices find renewed support in Ukraine crisis

Price drivers at European hubs remained largely unchanged over the past week. Heightened tension in Ukraine pushed spot prices up, amid capacity restrictions caused by maintenance in countries including the UK and France.

1 September 2014

Spot European prices dip in line with Ukraine tension

Spot prices were pressured over the past week as the risk premium associated with the conflict in Ukraine declined.

26 August 2014

The road ahead is clear for gas-fuelled transport

The use of gas as a fuel for road freight in the UK and Europe remains in its infancy – but LNG supplier BOC sees the market taking off from next year.

21 August 2014

Spot prices strengthen on maintenance and Ukraine risks

The bulls returned to European short-term markets last week, as maintenance works restricted supplies.

18 August 2014

Russia-Ukraine tension brings bulls back for winter

Fundamentals at the European gas markets remain bearish, with much of the gains expected to stem from heightened geopolitical risks between Russia and Ukraine.

11 August 2014

High gas reserves likely to further rein in summer demand

Spot prices at European hubs fell in the last week of July, as the implications of developments surrounding the Ukraine crisis turned out to have a limited impact on gas markets.

4 August 2014

Sentiment turns bullish, despite bearish fundamentals

Europe’s gas hubs saw no major change in price movements last week. Steady inflows of LNG to the UK have led to oversupply, which in turn has weighed on spot prices.

21 July 2014

European price trends remain overwhelmingly bearish

Europe’s gas hubs saw no major change in price movements last week. Steady inflows of LNG to the UK have led to oversupply, which in turn has weighed on spot prices.

14 July 2014

Low demand and oversupply keep weighing on hub prices

Lower-than-expected demand for LNG in Northeast Asia in the coming weeks means UK LNG imports are likely to continue apace, weighing on the NBP spot price.

7 July 2014

Winter hub prices soften as Russia removes military threat

European hub prices for next winter were depressed by reduced geopolitical risks in Ukraine and Iraq last week.

30 June 2014

Nord Stream maintenance should support German prices

European hub prices responded only temporarily to renewed tensions between Ukraine and Russia over the past week.

23 June 2014

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