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Companies are interested in adding reverse-flow capacity to the Hungarian-Croatian interconnector. (EC)

Croatian FSRU revives talks of reverse flow to Hungary

Plans for reverse-flow capacity on the Hungarian-Croatian interconnector have faced lengthy delays, but proposals for an LNG terminal in Krk have revived interest.

24 July 2017
Pipeline construction in Europe. (Gasunie)

Eastring moves forward, but money remains an issue

The proposed interconnector is making slow progress, but questions over funding and a competing project mean it still has far to go, experts say.

18 July 2017
Pavol Hamžík. (Ukrainian foreign ministry)

Slovakia supporting Ukraine despite risks – Hamžík

Slovakia’s ambassador-at-large for energy security explains his country’s reverse-flow support for Ukraine.

17 July 2017
The FSRU Independence at Klaipeda. Lithuania’s plans to become a gas trading hub have stalled. (Höegh LNG)

Lithuania’s gas hub plans move further away

Although the Klaipeda LNG terminal has been successful for Lithuania, the country’s attempt to become a Baltic gas trading hub is faltering.

2 June 2017
Jaroslav Neverovic (centre) at an ITRE committee meeting. (European Parliament)

Poland-Lithuania energy talks rise above politics

Energy relations between Poland and Lithuania should not be marred by political disputes, a former Lithuanian energy minister says.

17 May 2017
Czech pipeline infrastructure. The country has a favourable stance towards the Nord Stream 2 expansion. (Net4gas)

Czech NS2 support ‘tough luck’ for Poland – Bartuška

Poland and the Czech Republic are struggling to agree over further connecting their gas networks. The Czech ambassador for energy security explains why.

2 May 2017
Limited Polish infrastructure may pose a problem for the Polish-Slovak interconnector (Gaz-System)

Work ongoing for Polish-Slovak interconnector

The Polish-Slovak interconnector is set to receive a large share of its funding through the European Commission, but the project will still face challenges beyond its control.

31 March 2017
An INA refinery at Rijeka, Croatia. The state holds a 45% stake in the company. (INA)

Politics and finance complicate INA buy-out

Croatia is attempting to buy out Hungarian player MOL’s share in INA, but tangled political relations and a lack of cash are complicating matters.

15 March 2017
Eustream’s Mirek Topolánek. (Mirek Topolánek)

Eastring’s goal is not to serve one supplier – Topolánek

Eustream board member Mirek Topolánek discusses the opportunities and challenges of the proposed Eastring pipeline.

22 February 2017
Pipe stringing for the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline in Greece, September 2016. (TAP)

EBRD talks to fund TAP still ongoing

Representatives of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline approached the EBRD for funding five years ago, but the two are still working to reach an agreement.

17 February 2017
Pipe sections for Nord Stream 2. A United States official has criticised the project. (Nord Stream 2)

Nord Stream 2 ‘a security threat’ – US official

Russia’s planned pipeline has come under scrutiny from the United States, with a senior official voicing his opposition to the project.

17 February 2017
A Gazprom welder working on the failed South Stream pipeline in Serbia. (Gazprom)

Bulgaria and Serbia join forces on gas

Momentum is building behind plans for the Bulgaria-Serbia interconnector, which it is hoped will allow the countries to diversify their supply sources.

7 February 2017
Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at their previous meeting. (PA)

Gas on the agenda for Putin-Orbán meeting

The upcoming summit between the Hungarian and Russian leaders may spark closer cooperation between the two countries on energy.

20 January 2017
A pumping station in Bucany, Slovakia, on the Druzhba pipeline system that runs from Russia. (EC/Vladimir Simicek)

Ukraine turns to Slovakia to diversify supplies

Slovakia’s plans to increase exports to Ukraine will provide it with commercial opportunities while supporting Ukraine’s supply diversification.

4 January 2017
Pipes destined for use in Nord Stream 2. Poland wants to reduce Russia’s reliance on Russian gas. (Gazprom)

Poland to challenge EC in court over OPAL pipeline

PGNiG will take the European Commission to court over its decision to give Gazprom greater access to the OPAL pipeline.

12 December 2016
Polish pipeline infrastructure. The proposed interconnector with the Czech Republic has hit obstacles. (Gaz-System)

Polish-Czech gas interconnector in jeopardy

The proposed Stork 2 pipeline between Poland and the Czech Republic could be facing problems because neither country has applied for EU funding for the project.

25 November 2016
The Czech Republic is caught between neighbours with opposing views on a second Nord Stream line. (Gazprom)

Czech Republic’s delicate Nord Stream 2 dance

The Czech Republic is caught between neighbours with opposing views on Nord Stream 2, but this could be a significant commercial opportunity if handled delicately.

11 November 2016
Location of proposed pipelines and interconnectors in the Balkans.

Bulgaria’s gas hub: breakthrough or illusion?

Bulgaria’s plans to promote itself as a Balkan gas hub have been shaken by the resurgence of the Turkish Stream pipeline.

27 October 2016
A Nafta facility. The current capacity of Slovakia’s UGS system is around 2.9 bcm. (Nafta a.s.)

Slovakia to expand its gas storage capacity

Slovakia’s government is pushing forward with a new underground gas storage project in a bid to boost its energy security.

12 October 2016
The Paks nuclear power plant in Hungary. The EU is expected to approve its expansion. (MVM)

Paks 2 to get green light from European Commission

The EU looks to have changed its mind on the expansion of Hungary’s nuclear power plant despite the concerns of critics.

29 September 2016

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