Annemarie Botzki

French energy policy offers chance for gas

Plans to phase out coal and nuclear in France’s power supply could offer gas a chance to gain market share.

19 July 2017 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

G20 nations offer gas a boost in Hamburg

Heads of state at the G20 summit in Germany have said gas is essential in the transition to renewable energy.

10 July 2017 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Pressure on for companies to report climate risks

Companies are facing increasing pressure to disclose how climate change will impact them in the future.

7 July 2017 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Gazprom appeals against interim Ukraine decision

Gazprom is appealing against a decision by the Stockholm arbitration court in its dispute with Naftogaz Ukrainy.

3 July 2017 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Norwegian Arctic exploration faces challenges

Norway is getting ready for the 24th licensing round on its continental shelf, but an ongoing environmental dispute could cause complications.

28 June 2017 Europe & Russia / Exploration & Production

IMO to debate climate deal for shipping

The International Maritime Organization will begin discussions this week on how to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping industry.

21 June 2017 World / LNG

Floating renewables becoming commercially viable

Floating wind and solar projects are reaching commercial scale worldwide with the launch of facilities in Europe, India and elsewhere.

14 June 2017 World / Alternative Fuels

Trump deregulation could put pipeline safety at risk

The proposed bonfire of red tape in Washington could cause serious safety problems where gas pipelines are concerned, experts say.

8 June 2017 Americas / Policy & Regulation

G20 to debate carbon pricing and subsidy phase-out

The upcoming G20 meeting will provide an opportunity for discussions on a global carbon price, but progress may take time.

31 May 2017 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Analysts question Franco-German energy alliance

A possible alliance between French and German energy companies has left analysts scratching their heads.

24 May 2017 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

European utilities face increased regulatory pressure

RWE used its Q1 earnings call to highlight how price caps and stricter EU rules on emissions are contributing to a tough business climate.

17 May 2017 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Warsaw vs Brussels in capacity market debate

Poland is pushing ahead with plans to support its coal power plants with a capacity market, but these will bring it into conflict with proposed EU law.

15 May 2017 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Germany takes lead in Euro battery charge

Germany is leading the way on installing large-scale battery projects as it works to store energy from its renewable capacity.

9 May 2017 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Trump’s climate stance opens door for competitors

Although the US may not live up to its commitments on climate change, other countries and companies are nevertheless making progress.

25 April 2017 Americas / Policy & Regulation

Little US LNG landing in Europe

US LNG is proving far more popular outside Europe, which favoured oil-indexed cargoes and Russian pipeline supplies in 2016.

10 April 2017 Europe & Russia / LNG

Zeebrugge LNG finds small-scale success

Belgium’s small-scale truck loading and bunkering operations could be the way ahead for Europe’s LNG terminals, which are largely lying idle.

5 April 2017 Europe & Russia / LNG

New Polish LNG terminal ‘quick and cheap option’

Poland is considering installing an FSRU as a back-up in case the proposed Northern Gate pipeline to Norway is not built.

28 March 2017 Europe & Russia / LNG

Courts push Germany to clean up transport

A series of lawsuits is forcing Germany to tackle air pollution at a regional level, but more policy backing will be needed to encourage NGV uptake.

22 March 2017 Europe & Russia / Gas for Transport

Unlocking North Sea decommissioning deals

Christopher McGee-Osborne, partner at Dentons, talks about the firm’s latest Europe-focused report and decommissioning in the North Sea.

29 November 2016 Europe & Russia / Exploration & Production

Aasta Hansteen still waiting for platform construction

Statoil’s first deepwater field in the Norwegian sea will start up in H2 2018, the company says. Meanwhile, development costs are rising.

28 November 2016 Europe & Russia / Exploration & Production

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