The Point Fortin plant can deliver LNG to the Caribbean, but only at a comparatively high price. (Shell) LNG

Power to the islands in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is trying to develop its hydrocarbon potential while cutting dependence on refined product imports by boosting use of renewables. Gas may play a role in the transition, but it is likely to be a small one.

By Peter Stewart 26 July 2017
The Brigg gas-fired power station. Gas took the biggest share in the UK's recent capacity auction. (Centrica) Pipelines, Storage & Power

Gas and coal are winners in UK capacity auction

Fossil fuels could provide as much as two-thirds of the UK’s power next winter during periods when renewables fall short, if the provisional results of a UK capacity auction concluded earlier this month are confirmed.

8 February 2017
A gas trading floor in Houston, Texas. Evidence suggests traders are expecting prices to recover this year. (BP plc) Global Markets

Futures traders appear to bet on higher oil, gas prices

Although the evidence is still tentative, weekly data from the CFTC suggests oil and gas traders are betting on a price rebound in 2017.

1 February 2017
GGA's poll of price forecasts reveals a clear trend. (Microsoft) Global Markets

Forecasts poll suggests gas will lag gains in oil price

The latest GGA poll of analyst forecasts suggests oil prices will stage a strong recovery, but the rebound in gas prices will be modest. If this happens, hub-linked gas pricing will be substantially more attractive than oil indexation.

18 January 2017
A sustained recovery in oil prices will be hampered by the strength of the United States dollar. (SXC) Global Markets

Oil price recovery: slow train coming

Oil and gas prices have risen since OPEC’s decision to cut production, but recent strength in the US dollar means a recovery will take time.

11 January 2017
Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak (left) and his Saudi counterpart, Khalid Al-Falih, after the meeting on 10 December. (PA) Supply & Demand

Gas markets may diverge from crude in 2017

A recovery in oil prices will help underpin gas prices in 2017, but the price of the fuels is likely to diverge.

14 December 2016
An Anadarko drilling rig in the Eagle Ford shale play. (Anadarko) Exploration & Production

OPEC decision will boost US production

OPEC’s decision to cut production in the first half of 2017 marks an end to Saudi Arabia’s two-year experiment with unrestrained output. Ironically, shale production in the US looks set to benefit.

7 December 2016
Sinopec's LNG terminal in Beihai, Guangxi. China could become the world’s largest importer of the fuel by 2025. (Sinopec) Supply & Demand

China on way to being second-largest LNG importer

Interfax’s Chief Energy Analyst Peter Stewart spoke at the International LNG Congress in Hamburg this week on the outlook for Chinese gas demand and LNG import growth.

30 November 2016
Supporters of US President-elect Donald Trump applauding his pro-fossil-fuel stance at a campaign rally earlier this year. (PA) Policy & Regulation

OPEC to debate cuts but market share still an issue

Next week, OPEC will hold its first ministerial meeting since Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the United States.

23 November 2016
Offshore Resolute jack-up rig offshore Bangladesh. The country is facing a crisis in gas supply. (Seadrill) Exploration & Production

Bangladesh climate plan gives mixed message for gas

Bangladesh urgently needs to solve its gas and power supply problems, but its plans to reduce emissions under the Paris agreement appear to prioritise coal over gas.

16 November 2016
The US election results could see far-reaching changes in US energy policy. (PA) Policy & Regulation

Trump will roll back Obama’s energy policy

The 2016 US presidential poll result will have profound implications for the country’s energy policy and looks set to undermine global efforts to limit climate change.

9 November 2016
Shell’s capex in 2016 is expected to be below the level of Shell and BG Group’s combined capex in 2014. (BG Group) Companies & Finance

Oil majors to keep tight rein on capex in 2017

US and European oil and gas majors intend to keep a lid on capital spending in 2017 as oil prices are expected to remain low. This could have consequences for prices and the companies’ market shares.

2 November 2016
Khalid al-Falih, president and chief executive of Aramco, met Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak at the weekend. (World Energy Congress) Global Markets

Russia supports OPEC production freeze and cuts

Russia has concluded a round of talks to help coordinate OPEC and non-OPEC efforts to stabilise oil prices, but market sentiment is already looking more bullish.

26 October 2016
The Datang-Changchun coal power station. China’s appetite for the fuel is growing. (China Datang Group) Supply & Demand

Asian demand leads coal rally

While coal faces challenges, the recent price rally suggests demand remains resilient in Asia.

19 October 2016
Saudi Aramco’s CO2 enhanced oil recovery pilot project. (Saudi Aramco) Policy & Regulation

Saudi Arabia adds its weight to the drive for CCS

Saudi Arabia’s energy minister says the kingdom remains committed to a plan to develop large-scale carbon capture and storage.

12 October 2016
An INEOS Dragon-class ethane carrier. A shipment of the fuel arrived in the UK last week. (INEOS) Exploration & Production

Costs may constrain transatlantic ethane trade

Transatlantic ethane shipments look set to grow, but shipping and plant constraints may limit the petrochemical feedstock’s market share.

5 October 2016
Recent increases in Iranian production have come from South Pars. (Pars O&G) Policy & Regulation

Iran’s tough stand reflects investment ambitions

Iran’s forthright rejection of proposals to freeze oil production reflects its ambitious investment plans for its oil and gas sector now that sanctions against the country have been largely removed.

28 September 2016
Attempts to end Syria's civil war offers hope for the country’s tottering oil and gas sector. (Gulfsands Petroleum) Supply & Demand

Syria ceasefire a glimmer of hope for oil and gas

Syria’s failed ceasefire has at least planted a seed for discussing the eventual rehabilitation of the country’s tottering oil and gas sector.

21 September 2016
An oil platform off Angola. Production by OPEC members has reached record levels. (Galp) Supply & Demand

OPEC and IEA say prices will stay lower for longer

The latest market outlooks from oil producing and consuming organisations suggest a significant recovery in oil and gas prices may not happen until 2018.

14 September 2016
Tesla's utility-scale battery blocks are among some of the better-known energy storage solutions. (Tesla) Pipelines, Storage & Power

Energy storage may be a Black Swan for gas demand

Energy storage is becoming increasingly competitive, and if this development continues it could have significant consequences for gas.

7 September 2016
The Marcellus is the most prolific gas formation in the US, but the rig count there has fallen. (Statoil) Exploration & Production

US oil and gas production to decline in year ahead

A decline in US oil and gas production will tighten the market this winter, but the trend could reverse towards the end of next year as rig counts are improving.

10 August 2016

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