Electricity pylons in the UK. Theresa May's government will struggle to reduce carbon emissions if it introduces a domestic energy price cap. (National Grid) Policy & Regulation

UK energy price cap will be a tricky balancing act

The UK government has pledged to cap domestic energy prices, but it will struggle to protect consumers while encouraging investment in low-carbon generation.

By Peter Stewart 26 April 2017
Khalid al-Falih, president and chief executive of Aramco, met Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak at the weekend. (World Energy Congress) Global Markets

Russia supports OPEC production freeze and cuts

Russia has concluded a round of talks to help coordinate OPEC and non-OPEC efforts to stabilise oil prices, but market sentiment is already looking more bullish.

26 October 2016
The Datang-Changchun coal power station. China’s appetite for the fuel is growing. (China Datang Group) Supply & Demand

Asian demand leads coal rally

While coal faces challenges, the recent price rally suggests demand remains resilient in Asia.

19 October 2016
Saudi Aramco’s CO2 enhanced oil recovery pilot project. (Saudi Aramco) Policy & Regulation

Saudi Arabia adds its weight to the drive for CCS

Saudi Arabia’s energy minister says the kingdom remains committed to a plan to develop large-scale carbon capture and storage.

12 October 2016
An INEOS Dragon-class ethane carrier. A shipment of the fuel arrived in the UK last week. (INEOS) Exploration & Production

Costs may constrain transatlantic ethane trade

Transatlantic ethane shipments look set to grow, but shipping and plant constraints may limit the petrochemical feedstock’s market share.

5 October 2016
Recent increases in Iranian production have come from South Pars. (Pars O&G) Policy & Regulation

Iran’s tough stand reflects investment ambitions

Iran’s forthright rejection of proposals to freeze oil production reflects its ambitious investment plans for its oil and gas sector now that sanctions against the country have been largely removed.

28 September 2016
Attempts to end Syria's civil war offers hope for the country’s tottering oil and gas sector. (Gulfsands Petroleum) Supply & Demand

Syria ceasefire a glimmer of hope for oil and gas

Syria’s failed ceasefire has at least planted a seed for discussing the eventual rehabilitation of the country’s tottering oil and gas sector.

21 September 2016
An oil platform off Angola. Production by OPEC members has reached record levels. (Galp) Supply & Demand

OPEC and IEA say prices will stay lower for longer

The latest market outlooks from oil producing and consuming organisations suggest a significant recovery in oil and gas prices may not happen until 2018.

14 September 2016
Tesla's utility-scale battery blocks are among some of the better-known energy storage solutions. (Tesla) Pipelines, Storage & Power

Energy storage may be a Black Swan for gas demand

Energy storage is becoming increasingly competitive, and if this development continues it could have significant consequences for gas.

7 September 2016
The Marcellus is the most prolific gas formation in the US, but the rig count there has fallen. (Statoil) Exploration & Production

US oil and gas production to decline in year ahead

A decline in US oil and gas production will tighten the market this winter, but the trend could reverse towards the end of next year as rig counts are improving.

10 August 2016
A drillship off the Brazilian coast. (Anadarko) Exploration & Production

Statoil’s pre-salt deal will boost role of IOCs in Brazil

Statoil’s purchase of a majority stake in the BM-S-8 block offshore Brazil is a pivotal moment for IOCs’ ambitions to acquire a piece of the country’s pre-salt acreage.

3 August 2016
BP's Q2 profits almost halved as a result of lower oil prices and weak refining margins.(BP plc) Companies & Finance

Gloomy Q2 results expected for oil and gas majors

The release of Q2 results by major oil and gas companies will offer insight into how they are coping with the current low price environment.

27 July 2016
The response of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the failed coup is being monitored by EU leaders. (EC) Global Markets

Turkish coup could have far-reaching impact

The coup attempt in Turkey had little effect on the flow of oil and gas through the country, but the long-term consequences of political instability could be profound.

20 July 2016
The ruling on the disputed territorial claim could escalate the standoff in the South China Sea. (US Navy, Flickr) Global Markets

South China Sea ruling risks escalating dispute

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague upheld the Philippines’ claims in the South China Sea this week, escalating tensions in the region.

13 July 2016
The Panama Canal's western end, at Panama City. The canal is a vital trade link. (PA) LNG

Panama transit could speed LNG market integration

The expansion of the Panama Canal could accelerate the development of benchmarks for LNG sold into Asia.

6 July 2016
The UK’s referendum on exiting the EU has turned the markets volatile. Global Markets

Market volatility will increase on EU uncertainty

The UK’s referendum on exiting the EU has turned the markets volatile, leaving traders facing risks on the oil price, UK-Continental gas spreads and macroeconomics.

29 June 2016
Peter Stewart (far right) with Alexei Miller (far left) at SPIEF. (Gazprom) Supply & Demand

Russian economic forum puts focus on Europe

While discussions on supplying Russian gas to Asia continue, Moscow remains focused on northwest Europe as the key market for its gas – despite its geopolitical tensions with the EU.

22 June 2016
Yanbajing geothermal power station. China's renewables have seen rapid growth. (Fanghong) Policy & Regulation

China leads on renewables, but gas is power mainstay

Recent data suggests a pattern of rapid growth in renewables in China continued in 2015, supported by a switch away from coal towards gas and LNG.

15 June 2016
The EU continues to develop its alternative fuels network. (Daimler) Global Markets

Risk of oil price spike may benefit gas

GGA Chief Energy Analyst Peter Stewart spoke at the IEA last week on the interaction between oil and gas prices. These are the main points of his speech to the standing committee on oil markets.

8 June 2016
Global Markets

OPEC freeze unlikely with oil above $50/bbl

With oil prices at around $50/bbl, the prospect of OPEC capping production levels at its June meeting is looking increasingly remote.

3 June 2016
Companies & Finance

Upstream cuts create potential for supply shock

Oil and gas companies are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain finance for upstream projects, but a lack of investment now could spell a supply shock later.

25 May 2016

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