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Reforms to reinvigorate Mexico’s gas sector

Mexico is embarking on reforms expected to boost gas production in the medium-to-long term, which will be essential for the country to satisfy its growing energy needs.

20 August 2013
Production & Consumption

Malaysia – market changes ahead

Malaysia’s gas market was dependent on domestic production and piped imports from Indonesia until LNG imports began in May.

16 August 2013
Production & Consumption

Nuclear’s pain is gas’s gain in Florida

Gas has cemented its place in Florida’s power generation mix accounting for more than 60% of the state’s total power generation.

9 August 2013
Production & Consumption

Gas growing popular in Mexico’s power sector

Electricity generation in Mexico has traditionally been dominated by fuel oil and coal. Gas has started to gain ground in the power mix recently, however, forcing the government to impose gas rationing for big industries.

26 July 2013

Australia LNG set for massive growth

As Australia brings unprecedented LNG liquefaction capacity online over the next several years, the future for the country’s more tentative projects remains uncertain.

23 July 2013

Shale gas in Europe: big resources, timing is key

With the potential resources of shale gas in Europe looking larger, could prospects for commercial developments be more positive than ever?

23 July 2013

Herbert Smith Freehills on LNG export licences

Law firm Herbert Smith Freehills explains what's involved in getting a licence to export LNG from the United States.

23 July 2013

Petchem companies oppose US LNG exports

Despite its pro-LNG export policy, the US government will have to finely balance the benefits of LNG exports with those of foreign investment and domestic job creation opportunities offered by the country’s petrochemical sector.

23 July 2013

Japan – LNG cost and price rising

Japan’s 2013 LNG import bill in yen could be its highest ever. LNG imports into Japan during the first five months of the year fell on an annual basis.

19 July 2013
Production & Consumption

Regulatory battle continues in North Carolina’s gas sector

Hydraulic fracturing has been a divisive issue among lawmakers and regulators in North Carolina. The state currently has a moratorium on fracking until 2015.

12 July 2013
Production & Consumption

Continued decline in Spanish gas demand

Gas demand rose in several key European markets in H1 2013, but not in Spain.

5 July 2013

Peruvian LNG exports increasingly destined for a select few

Peru’s decision to market its LNG more selectively may limit its appeal and even deter upstream investment in the longer term.

28 June 2013

Thailand LNG imports – rising in 2013

Thailand’s LNG imports shot up in March and April, according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Energy’s Energy Policy and Planning Office.

21 June 2013
Production & Consumption

US coal consumption and gas-to-coal switching

The tail end of winter saw coal consumption rise and gas fall in the US, but it is too simple to conclude utilities are switching away from the blue fuel. It will make a comeback this summer when air conditioning demand peaks.

18 June 2013

Argentina, Brazil to stay reliant on Bolivian gas

Structural reforms are needed in the Brazilian and Argentine energy sectors to meet rising gas demand. While Brazil will have to reduce its reliance on hydropower, Argentina’s stringent government control is stagnating the sector.

18 June 2013

Decline in Canadian gas exports limits US consumption

Canadian gas exports to the United States declined by 5.3% to 26.7 billion cubic metres in the first four months of 2013, compared with the same period in 2012.

14 June 2013

Gazprom prices into Europe set to fall in 2013

The average price of Russian gas sold into Europe will be lower in 2013 than in 2012.

7 June 2013

Trinidad aims to boost gas exports to China

China’s new President Xi Jinping was due to begin a three-day state visit to Trinidad and Tobago on Friday, as part of a tour of the Americas that will also include visits to Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States.

31 May 2013

China – imports rising faster than prices

Chinese LNG import volumes rose faster than average prices at the start of 2013. During the first four months of the year, the volume of China’s LNG imports increased by at least 12% on an annual basis each month.

24 May 2013

Singapore – a gas hub in the making?

Singapore has entered the LNG market and is poised to take a leading position as Asia’s first potential LNG hub. Although the terminal has just been commissioned, it is already set to expand.

21 May 2013

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