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Crimea crisis lifts NBP front-month price

The front-month price at the UK’s NBP reached approximately 60 p/th on Monday morning on the ICE Futures exchange as tensions between Moscow and Kiev showed no sign of abating.

3 March 2014
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Henry Hub remains volatile despite margin increases

A series of recent increases in trading margins have had a limited impact in reducing volatility in CME/NYMEX-traded Henry Hub front-month futures.

25 February 2014
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Weak European prices to reduce Russian exports

The bears have stayed in control at European gas hubs over the past week. The trend is unlikely to fade this week, given temperatures are generally forecast to remain above seasonal norms.

24 February 2014

Europe faces stock overhang

With the tight winter stock position now reversed, markets are watching how Gazprom will respond.

19 February 2014

Storengy looks east for long-term business

With European energy policy still in limbo, Storengy – the storage arm of France’s GDF Suez – is diversifying its risks by building positions in China. GGA speaks to Jean-Marc Leroy, Storengy’s chief executive

19 February 2014

Canada in race with US for LNG exports

Canada has a long list of potential LNG export projects, but only a handful of them are likely to come onstream by the end of 2018.

19 February 2014

Nuclear restarts to temper gas demand

South Korean demand for LNG will slow down this year, as long as there are no further nuclear issues. In the longer term, plans are under way to build new gas-fired plants, which will boost demand.

19 February 2014

Tolling attractive for LNG export projects

Pricing structures using tolling for LNG plants are becoming popular in the US. LNG expert Andy Flower explains what distinguishes them from other pricing methods.

19 February 2014
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Weather and storage boost speculation on Henry Hub

CME/NYMEX-traded Henry Hub front-month futures traded around $5.5/MMBtu on Tuesday, a 14% increase from the level seen at the close of last Tuesday’s trading session.

18 February 2014
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European hubs see more of the same price weakness

European spot gas prices continued to fall over the past week, pressured by milder-than-average weather and generally ample supplies.

17 February 2014
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Gas loses out to heating oil in New England

Gas missed out on an opportunity to capitalise on the recent cold weather in the northeast United States, especially in New England.

14 February 2014
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Henry Hub spot, futures diverge with milder weather in sight

The differential between the CME/NYMEX-traded Henry Hub front-month futures and Henry Hub spot prices in Louisiana has widened.

11 February 2014
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Supply issues boost prices amid bearish fundamentals

With temperatures forecast to drop in the UK, heating demand from the residential sector is expected to support spot gas prices this week.

10 February 2014

Thailand’s ambition to meet soaring demand fraught with challenges

Thailand is expected to double its LNG imports to around 3 mt in 2014 because of increased gas-to-power demand for the coming year.

7 February 2014
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Milder weather to reduce volatility in Henry Hub prices

CME/NYMEX-traded Henry Hub futures remained volatile last week as southern parts of the United States – including Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma – experienced severe cold weather.

4 February 2014
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European gas prices hold little upside in store

The prospect of weak, weather-related demand combined with healthy gas stocks across the EU has gradually reduced chances of prices showing any dramatic upside this winter.

3 February 2014

Mexican demand attracts Peruvian LNG cargoes

Peru has become one of the main beneficiaries of Mexico’s growing gas demand, after LNG exports from Peru to Mexico increased by 107% – to 2.6 billion cubic metres – in 2013 from 2012.

31 January 2014
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Arctic freeze propels Henry Hub into overbought territory

CME/NYMEX-traded Henry Hub front-month futures have been received a huge boost from the severe Arctic weather fronts sweeping through southern states in the United States, including Texas, Oklahoma an

28 January 2014
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European gas prices tick up as colder temperatures kick in

Colder weather in most of Europe will continue to support gas prices over the coming week. However, gains are expected to remain relatively moderate as demand levels are getting closer to seasonal norms following a period of prolonged mild weather.

27 January 2014

What’s in store for Russian gas exports this year?

Gazprom's profits from sales outside the FSU shot up by nearly 15% in the first nine months of 2013 as a result of a combination of increased volumes and a higher than average sales price.

24 January 2014

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