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LNG over-commitment haunts Argentina

Argentina is struggling to fulfil its LNG import commitments as a result of weakening gas demand and rising domestic output of the fuel.

25 August 2016

UK energy: new government, new policies

The UK has a new government and a new energy department. These changes and other post-referendum developments are already affecting the gas market.

16 August 2016

Camisea contract renegotiation back on agenda

Peru’s new administration wants to renegotiate gas production and LNG export contracts to boost revenues, but doing so will pose commercial and constitutional challenges.

5 August 2016

Petrobras’s pre-salt monopoly nears end

The Brazilian government wants to end Petrobras’s monopoly over Brazil’s pre-salt acreage, a move that will limit the popularity of LNG in the country.

11 July 2016

Argentina attempts to wean itself off LNG

Argentina’s plan to end its dependence on LNG presents difficult questions for suppliers such as Trinidad, the US and Australia.

23 June 2016

China leads on renewables, but gas is power mainstay

Recent data suggests a pattern of rapid growth in renewables in China continued in 2015, supported by a switch away from coal towards gas and LNG.

15 June 2016

South Korea’s gas decline – time for a turnaround

South Korea’s gas demand and LNG imports have been in decline, and although they will continue to fall this year, demand could grow between now and the end of the decade.

19 May 2016

Saudi power sector sees future in gas

Saudi Arabia is promoting greater use of gas in its power sector to reduce its reliance on oil, but it will keep direct crude burns as a strategic option until at least 2020.

17 March 2016

Former UK energy minister lambasts poor policy

Sir Ed Davey, former secretary of state for energy and climate change, speaks to GGA about the prospects and challenges for gas in the UK and European energy markets.

16 March 2016

Reforms will curb LNG’s future in Argentina

Structural reforms by the Argentine government will curb energy subsidies and boost domestic gas production, reducing the country’s reliance on imported LNG.

22 January 2016

UK power sector – a new path for gas?

The prospects for gas-fired power generation are looking brighter in the UK thanks to new government policies and lower prices.

17 December 2015

Is the IEA underestimating the potential of gas?

IEA analysis suggests gas consumption will increase by 50% by 2040. But is this based on a view of renewable energy’s potential that is too optimistic?

18 November 2015

COP21 to spur energy innovation

With prices low, gas should be making bigger inroads against coal in the power sector. CCS could make the difference.

22 October 2015

Europe needs more gas, so should develop shale gas

The EU must seize the opportunity of domestic shale gas to help meet its emissions goals and reduce its dependence on foreign suppliers, writes climate and energy consultant Stephen Tindale.

20 August 2015

Nuclear deal heralds a new era for Iranian gas

If the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 countries is successfully implemented it will boost Iran’s gas production and exports in the medium-to-long term.

20 August 2015

All roads lead to gas in Egypt

Gas will dominate the Egyptian energy landscape in the next few years despite supply constraints, with LNG imports a temporary solution until domestic production recovers.

16 July 2015

Gas as a transition fuel

There has been a flurry of activity promoting the role of gas in the transition to a fossil-free future.

17 June 2015

Myanmar: future promise, short-term problems

In the long run, Myanmar has serious gas production and export potential, but supply problems threaten to constrain short-term development of the country’s domestic market.

21 May 2015

Yemen’s investment landscape worsens

Yemen is going through turbulent times that may reduce its oil and gas exports. The country must make structural reforms if it is to sustain exports in the longer term.

19 March 2015

Canada’s LNG export appeal is fading

Numerous challenges mean the future looks bleak for Canada’s LNG export projects – which could mean a boost in demand for supplies of the fuel from the US.

18 February 2015

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