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Policy & Regulation

Gas as a transition fuel

There has been a flurry of activity promoting the role of gas in the transition to a fossil-free future.

17 June 2015
Supply & Demand

US LNG: Asia or Europe?

Contrary to received wisdom, Europe may become a more attractive destination than Asia for US LNG exports.

20 May 2015
Companies & Finance

Shell’s mega-merger with BG Group will trigger more industry consolidation

The biggest merger in the oil and gas sector in more than a decade has the potential to transform the industry.

21 April 2015
Exploration & Production

Lower rig use fails to cut oil and gas supply

Prices may be down and the oil and gas rig count falling, but the effect on global output has been minimal so far.

18 March 2015
Global Markets

What the curves are saying

The degree of backwardation or contango in oil and gas markets provides important clues about where prices might be heading in the short-to-medium term.

17 February 2015
Global Markets

Economic growth may struggle despite energy price drops

How will the global economy respond to the recent halving of oil prices?

21 January 2015
Exploration & Production

Oil price drop may hit shale gas

The more than 40% drop in world oil prices between June and December is putting enormous pressure on US shale producers.

17 December 2014
Pipelines, Storage & Power

South Stream cancelled – Global Gas Analytics view

South Stream is dead, but Russia could yet carry out the project’s aims of increasing the gas supply to southeast Europe, through another planned pipeline that will use Turkey as a conduit.

2 December 2014

Oil price drop may affect LNG investment

The recent oil price drop has important implications for future LNG prices and the viability of planned LNG projects.

18 November 2014
Supply & Demand

Asian gas buyers scent lower prices

Lower crude oil prices and new LNG supplies from Australia and the US in 2015 have fuelled buyers’ hopes of lower prices.

22 October 2014
Supply & Demand

Japan LNG futures: Watch this space

The prospects for an OTC forward market in Japan will help increase transparency, says GGA’s Chief Analyst Peter Stewart.

24 September 2014
Exploration & Production

If the ayes have it

If the yes vote triumphs in the Scottish referendum on Thursday, it will put Scotland on the track to independence.

15 September 2014
Gas for Transport

Kickstarting gas in transport

Interfax held a seminar on gas in transport in London in July. Peter Stewart summarises the key issues in the debate.

19 August 2014
Exploration & Production

Argentina faces LNG and investment woes

Argentina’s gas import bill is soaring, and its economic problems mean the situation could worsen.

23 July 2014
Supply & Demand

Can football cause power problems?

GGA chief energy analyst Peter Stewart assesses the odds of power blackouts during the 2014 FIFA World Cup final

19 June 2014
Supply & Demand

Time gradient and US LNG exports

The Henry Hub futures strip provides subtle clues about the market’s expectations of US LNG export levels.

21 May 2014
Supply & Demand

Oil will bear brunt if Japan's nukes restart

Japan will cut oil imports as well as LNG if its nuclear plants come back online later this year

23 April 2014
Supply & Demand

Ukraine flare-up leads to gas uncertainty

Reverse flows from Europe are possible if disruption occurs, but capacity is limited.

19 March 2014
Supply & Demand

Europe faces stock overhang

With the tight winter stock position now reversed, markets are watching how Gazprom will respond.

19 February 2014
Supply & Demand

Oil prices face pressure in 2014

Oil prices face pressure in 2014 but markets will remain volatile in the year ahead.

24 January 2014

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