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Markets turn volatile on supply outages, OPEC cuts decision

Oil and gas markets became more volatile ahead of the winter peak demand period following a series of supply outages and the latest OPEC decision to extend oil output cuts.

By Peter Stewart 20 December 2017
Supply & Demand

US LNG exports unlikely to compete in Europe

With the first LNG shipment from the US now delivered, the sustainability of the country’s export model has come under scrutiny.

17 March 2016
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Gas makes headway in power sector

Lower gas prices and cheaper floating regasification technologies have improved the economics of using gas for power generation, despite the simultaneous decline in coal prices.

17 February 2016
Exploration & Production

Oil price rout continues

Oil prices have continued to plunge so far this year, bringing many grades of crude close to their operating cost breakeven price.

21 January 2016
Global Markets

Oil price drop may boost gas in long run

The latest drop in oil prices is making gas more competitive against fuels such as coal, and COP21 may give it a further boost.

16 December 2015
Supply & Demand

Is the IEA underestimating the potential of gas?

IEA analysis suggests gas consumption will increase by 50% by 2040. But is this based on a view of renewable energy’s potential that is too optimistic?

18 November 2015
Policy & Regulation

COP21 to spur energy innovation

With prices low, gas should be making bigger inroads against coal in the power sector. CCS could make the difference.

22 October 2015
Global Markets

The race is on

Developing LNG futures in Asia has been talked about for years. Now the plans have become more concrete.

17 September 2015
Global Markets

Low oil prices not all doom and gloom

Short-term disadvantages of low oil prices may encourage longer term investment into gas and LNG.

19 August 2015
Global Markets

The China syndrome

The prospect of a Greek exit from the euro has garnered most of the headlines over the past month, but a potentially bigger crisis on the other side of the world could be a greater threat to energy markets.

15 July 2015
Policy & Regulation

Gas as a transition fuel

There has been a flurry of activity promoting the role of gas in the transition to a fossil-free future.

17 June 2015
Supply & Demand

US LNG: Asia or Europe?

Contrary to received wisdom, Europe may become a more attractive destination than Asia for US LNG exports.

20 May 2015
Companies & Finance

Shell’s mega-merger with BG Group will trigger more industry consolidation

The biggest merger in the oil and gas sector in more than a decade has the potential to transform the industry.

21 April 2015
Exploration & Production

Lower rig use fails to cut oil and gas supply

Prices may be down and the oil and gas rig count falling, but the effect on global output has been minimal so far.

18 March 2015
Global Markets

What the curves are saying

The degree of backwardation or contango in oil and gas markets provides important clues about where prices might be heading in the short-to-medium term.

17 February 2015
Global Markets

Economic growth may struggle despite energy price drops

How will the global economy respond to the recent halving of oil prices?

21 January 2015
Exploration & Production

Oil price drop may hit shale gas

The more than 40% drop in world oil prices between June and December is putting enormous pressure on US shale producers.

17 December 2014
Pipelines, Storage & Power

South Stream cancelled – Global Gas Analytics view

South Stream is dead, but Russia could yet carry out the project’s aims of increasing the gas supply to southeast Europe, through another planned pipeline that will use Turkey as a conduit.

2 December 2014

Oil price drop may affect LNG investment

The recent oil price drop has important implications for future LNG prices and the viability of planned LNG projects.

18 November 2014
Supply & Demand

Asian gas buyers scent lower prices

Lower crude oil prices and new LNG supplies from Australia and the US in 2015 have fuelled buyers’ hopes of lower prices.

22 October 2014
Supply & Demand

Japan LNG futures: Watch this space

The prospects for an OTC forward market in Japan will help increase transparency, says GGA’s Chief Analyst Peter Stewart.

24 September 2014

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