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Policy & Regulation

UK energy price cap will be a tricky balancing act

The UK government has pledged to cap domestic energy prices, but it will struggle to protect consumers while encouraging investment in low-carbon generation.

26 April 2017
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Middle East greens while the US turns to brown

While US President Donald Trump has taken steps to boost the use of highly polluting coal in power generation, the Middle East is increasingly moving towards cleaner fuels in its power sector.

10 April 2017
Exploration & Production

OPEC cuts fuel US production growth

US oil production is rising and a backlog of uncompleted wells raises the risk of further price weakness later in the year.

22 March 2017
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Gas investment may be shifting down a gear

The potential for technological change has created uncertainty over how large the gas market can become, and in what time frame. This is changing the pattern of investment in gas infrastructure.

24 February 2017
Exploration & Production

Trump and China: on a collision course?

The new US president has threatened to boost coal, cut emissions regulations and introduce tariffs on Chinese goods. His counterpart in Beijing, meanwhile, has stressed the need to do exactly the opposite.

24 January 2017
Global Markets

Retail still out of line with wholesale prices – EU

Retail energy prices have not fallen in line with wholesale market prices, particularly in the residential sector, an EU report says.

19 December 2016
Exploration & Production

Next year’s well completions may boost US oil and gas

The US has more than 5,000 wells drilled but not completed, meaning production could be in for a boost if the oil market rebalances in 2017.

19 December 2016
Policy & Regulation

Trump looks set to pull out of Paris climate deal

The US president-elect thinks climate change is a hoax and looks likely to withdraw his country from the COP21 agreement and scrap emissions reduction plans.

18 November 2016
Exploration & Production

Price dip from Trump poll victory likely to be short-lived

It is ironic that Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election should have revived talk of $20 per barrel oil. Wasn’t he supposed to revive the fortunes of fossil fuel companies?

17 November 2016
Supply & Demand

Is Brexit a risk for UK gas supply security?

If the UK were to leave the EU’s single energy market, it would have far-reaching implications for energy security that could revitalise LNG demand and boost investment in gas storage.

20 October 2016
Global Markets

When will oil prices bounce?

Low prices are starting to hit global oil and gas production and are stoking demand. Prices will eventually bounce, but only when the overhang of stocks is absorbed.

16 August 2016
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Brazil won’t buy gas to meet Olympic Games power demand

If Brazil does suffer electricity cuts during the Olympic Games in August, it will not be for lack of gas.

21 July 2016
Supply & Demand

US LNG exports unlikely to compete in Europe

With the first LNG shipment from the US now delivered, the sustainability of the country’s export model has come under scrutiny.

17 March 2016
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Gas makes headway in power sector

Lower gas prices and cheaper floating regasification technologies have improved the economics of using gas for power generation, despite the simultaneous decline in coal prices.

17 February 2016
Exploration & Production

Oil price rout continues

Oil prices have continued to plunge so far this year, bringing many grades of crude close to their operating cost breakeven price.

21 January 2016
Global Markets

Oil price drop may boost gas in long run

The latest drop in oil prices is making gas more competitive against fuels such as coal, and COP21 may give it a further boost.

16 December 2015
Supply & Demand

Is the IEA underestimating the potential of gas?

IEA analysis suggests gas consumption will increase by 50% by 2040. But is this based on a view of renewable energy’s potential that is too optimistic?

18 November 2015
Policy & Regulation

COP21 to spur energy innovation

With prices low, gas should be making bigger inroads against coal in the power sector. CCS could make the difference.

22 October 2015
Global Markets

The race is on

Developing LNG futures in Asia has been talked about for years. Now the plans have become more concrete.

17 September 2015
Global Markets

Low oil prices not all doom and gloom

Short-term disadvantages of low oil prices may encourage longer term investment into gas and LNG.

19 August 2015

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