A rig in Oman's Khazzan field Exploration & Production

Oman inundated by gas supply choices

Oman’s upstream gas projects could face delays or be under-utilised as the sultanate has limited scope to significantly boost LNG exports or domestic gas demand.

By Abhishek Kumar 6 April 2018
Global Markets

French nuclear outages boost gas generation

The temporary closure of several reactors in France has boosted gas demand, potentially tightening supplies of gas and electricity over the winter in the UK and continental Europe.

28 October 2016
Supply & Demand

Egypt’s insatiable appetite for LNG increases

Egypt’s latest tender for LNG imports for delivery during the 2017-2018 fiscal year will deepen the country’s dependence on the fuel.

25 October 2016
Supply & Demand

Korea’s temporary nuclear shutdowns not yet boosting LNG demand

The temporary shutdown of four nuclear reactors in South Korea is not expected to provide a boost to the country's LNG demand over the coming months.

6 October 2016
Global Markets

OPEC output cap: new alliances, fresh strategies

The chances of OPEC capping oil production in November remain low as some of its member countries have not agreed to freeze their output.

3 October 2016
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Six wells at Rough to be permanently closed

Centrica has announced the permanent closure of six wells at Rough.

12 September 2016
Supply & Demand

Nigerian LNG exports under pressure

Infrastructure sabotage and maintenance, combined with weak LNG demand from Northeast Asia and Latin America, are weighing on Nigerian LNG exports.

9 September 2016
Policy & Regulation

Brazil enters era of structural reforms

Brazil’s oil and gas sector is poised to undergo structural reforms as new President Michel Temer takes charge.

1 September 2016
Supply & Demand

Norway expected to cut upstream spending

Cuts in Norway’s upstream investment could mean the country’s output will also drop, despite forecasts for record production.

30 August 2016
Supply & Demand

LNG over-commitment haunts Argentina

Argentina is struggling to fulfil its LNG import commitments as a result of weakening gas demand and rising domestic output of the fuel.

25 August 2016
Supply & Demand

Qatari LNG targets South Asia

The South Asian spot market is becoming attractive for Qatari LNG as demand for the fuel from Northeast Asia remains weak.

22 August 2016
Supply & Demand

Japan restarts Ikata nuclear reactor

Ikata 3 restarted commercial operations this week, making it the fifth Japanese reactor to return online since the 2011 Fukushima disaster but one of only three currently operational.

19 August 2016
Supply & Demand

Abu Dhabi joins the LNG import club

The arrival of Abu Dhabi’s first FSRU at Ruwais reflects the UAE’s growing dependence on LNG imports amid rising gas demand.

18 August 2016
Exploration & Production

Camisea contract renegotiation back on agenda

Peru’s new administration wants to renegotiate gas production and LNG export contracts to boost revenues, but doing so will pose commercial and constitutional challenges.

5 August 2016
Supply & Demand

Manzanillo – a glimmer of hope for LNG suppliers?

The Manzanillo LNG terminal in Mexico is attracting shipments from various sources, but its medium-to-long-term prospects remain weak.

28 July 2016
Global Markets

Politics clouds Turkey’s gas-to-power ambitions

Turkey’s political situation following the failed coup is expected to adversely affect the country’s long-term gas-to-power ambitions.

22 July 2016
Policy & Regulation

Petrobras’s pre-salt monopoly nears end

The Brazilian government wants to end Petrobras’s monopoly over Brazil’s pre-salt acreage, a move that will limit the popularity of LNG in the country.

11 July 2016
Supply & Demand

Angolan LNG susceptible to oil prices

The success of Angolan LNG will hinge on oil prices because of the country’s excessive dependence on associated gas feedstock for LNG production.

7 July 2016
Supply & Demand

US LNG testing Chilean shores

US LNG is trying to reach Argentina via Chile, but neither Chile nor Argentina is expected to be a reliable customer for US LNG.

13 June 2016
Global Markets

Oil price rise dampens hopes for OPEC output cap

It looks increasingly unlikely that OPEC will reintroduce a production ceiling at its 2 June meeting given recovering oil prices.

1 June 2016
Exploration & Production

Kuwait sees intense inter-sector competition for gas

Kuwait focuses on increasing LNG imports and boosting domestic gas production as inter-sector competition for gas increases.

26 May 2016

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