The Trinidad Onshore Compression project LNG

Trinidad’s LNG exports to receive upstream boost

Changing fortunes will see Trinidad’s LNG exports increase after years of decline, while gas demand from the petrochemical sector is also set to rise.

By Abhishek Kumar 24 October 2017
Policy & Regulation

The burden of market constraining subsidies

Long-term market growth in Malaysia and Indonesia are dependent on reducing subsidies and amending pricing structures. Both countries are making progress, but at varying speeds.

23 October 2012
Exploration & Production

Harnessing the potential of coal seam gas in Australia

Australia may have drastically underestimated carbon dioxide emissions from the CSG industry and could be missing out on more than $1.5 billion in potential revenue from carbon taxes.

14 September 2012
Exploration & Production

China unconventional gas policy – a shift in pace

As China faces challenges managing a rapidly growing gas market, questions surrounding the role of unconventionals are becoming increasingly acute.

14 September 2012

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