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Construction of Power of Siberia gas pipeline in progress Energy Security

Investment needed to sustain Europe’s gas output

Declining gas output in Europe and Algeria will further boost Europe’s dependence on imported LNG and pipeline gas from countries such as Russia as early as 2023 unless greater upstream investment is made.

23 January 2019
Easington receiving terminal for Norwegian gas Energy Security

UK gas security – changes ahead

As the UK’s gas production declines it will become increasingly dependent on imports at a time when storage capacity is low. Even moderate growth in demand will test the country’s supply options.

19 October 2018
Firefighters attending a wildfire Environmental Policy

Key trends to watch during the next gas year

Global Gas Analytics highlights the essential events and forces at work in the global market over the coming gas year.

17 October 2018
UK and European flags in front of the European Commission Environmental Policy

EUA prices slide as Brexit talks falter

Concerns that the UK’s exit from the EU could leave a surplus of unallocated carbon allowances have seen EUA prices drop.

17 October 2018
Cattenom nuclear power plant, Cattenom, France. Contributed

Europe – carbon pricing and the impact on gas

The outlook for carbon pricing and policy and the impact on gas and power in Europe is analysed in this contributed feature by Daniel Legg from Nexant

22 May 2018
A nuclear power plant in France Environmental Policy

European carbon price floors and the effect on gas

Interfax hosted a seminar with Nexant on 28 March to discuss the outlook for carbon pricing in Europe. The discussion included debate on the future of coal, gas and power.

4 April 2018
EU flags Market Legislation

European energy policy and the impact on gas

The policies shaping European energy markets will determine future gas demand growth. What happens with policies and gas demand in Europe’s three largest gas markets will drive changes in the region.

30 January 2018
Interfax’s discussion with Norton Rose on the future of gas in the post-COP23 world. Environmental Policy

Carbon pricing under scrutiny as COP23 begins

Carbon pricing is struggling to deliver the decarbonisation needed for countries to meet their targets under the Paris agreement.

8 November 2017
Docked LNG tankers Energy Security

Trends shaping the market this gas year

Global Gas Analytics highlights the issues that will set the agenda for the 2017-2018 gas year.

20 October 2017
Foreign Affairs

Brexit may harm UK energy security

UK gas supplies may be less secure when the country leaves the EU, Interfax Chief Energy Analyst Peter Stewart told a seminar at the Brussels Press Club hosted by Interfax on Wednesday.

29 March 2017
Market Legislation

Retail still out of line with wholesale prices – EU

Retail energy prices have not fallen in line with wholesale market prices, particularly in the residential sector, an EU report says.

19 December 2016
Energy Security

Is Brexit a risk for UK gas supply security?

If the UK were to leave the EU’s single energy market, it would have far-reaching implications for energy security that could revitalise LNG demand and boost investment in gas storage.

20 October 2016

Turkish Stream’s potential could be unrealised

The chances that Turkish Stream will be built are low despite the improving relations between Moscow and Ankara. Nevertheless, Russia will remain Turkey’s most reliable gas supplier.

16 August 2016
British and European flags adjacent to one another Market Legislation

The implications of Brexit

Following the result of the UK’s referendum on its membership of the EU, considerable uncertainty looks likely to persist in the short term.

30 June 2016
Energy Security

US LNG exports unlikely to compete in Europe

With the first LNG shipment from the US now delivered, the sustainability of the country’s export model has come under scrutiny.

17 March 2016
Energy Security

Former UK energy minister lambasts poor policy

Sir Ed Davey, former secretary of state for energy and climate change, speaks to GGA about the prospects and challenges for gas in the UK and European energy markets.

16 March 2016
Energy Security

Gas in CEE countries: reducing supply risk?

Central and Eastern European gas markets have been dependent on the flow of Russian gas via Ukraine for years. However, improvements to infrastructure and supplies are changing that.

19 November 2015
Market Legislation

Storage in Europe – short in the long-term

Paul Bieniawski, CEO of Zechstein Midstream, discusses the challenges facing storage in Europe and what is needed in the long term, in an interview with Global Gas Analytics.

21 October 2015
Energy Security

EU storage is strong, but Ukraine faces a winter shortage

Storage levels in the EU are in a strong position in advance of winter, in marked contrast to the situation in Ukraine. As temperatures start to drop, the time to fill storage sites is running out.

16 September 2015

Europe needs more gas, so should develop shale gas

The EU must seize the opportunity of domestic shale gas to help meet its emissions goals and reduce its dependence on foreign suppliers, writes climate and energy consultant Stephen Tindale.

20 August 2015

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