European gas-to-power – decline on the horizon

By Catriona Scott 26 May 2017
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Combined gas-fired power plant Samsun (OMV) Combined gas-fired power plant Samsun (OMV)

Gas demand from four of Europe’s largest markets rose by 10% on an annual basis in 2016. Consumption in the UK, Germany, Italy and France saw gains supported by weather-related demand and increased power sector offtake. However, while the weather could still support gas consumption in Europe’s leading markets this year and next, the outlook for power sector gas use is less certain. Lower power sector demand will weigh on overall gas consumption.

Total gas demand for four of Europe’s largest gas markets was around 285 billion cubic metres in 2016, when they accounted for around 58% of European gas use. These countries also represent the four largest power markets in Europe and account for roughly 54% of European electricity production. Gas consumption was boosted by weather-related demand during winter 2016, and was driven by strong offtake from the power sector during the summer.

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