Thousands of protesters hit the streets as corruption allegations continue to dog Brazilian president, Michel Temer. (PA) Features

Political crisis engulfs Brazil’s gas and LNG sectors

Brazil’s deteriorating political climate has the potential to reduce the country’s need for imported gas and LNG even further.

By Abhishek Kumar 23 June 2017
Qatar’s fallout with its neighbours risks dampening the appetite for its LNG in the Middle East and Africa. (Qatargas)

Qatari LNG exports embroiled in diplomatic spat

Qatar’s escalating diplomatic fallout with its neighbours risks dampening the appetite for its LNG in the Middle East and Africa.

A drilling rig off the Brazilian coast. (Anadarko)

Brazil’s gas sector lurches from crisis to crisis

A political crisis unfolding in Brazil has the potential to adversely impact the country’s oil and gas sector.

Egypt has been struggling to market LNG from Idku since it started allowing Shell to export cargoes from the plant last year. (Shell)

Egypt makes a comeback with West Nile Delta gas

The startup of Egypt’s West Nile Delta marks a major milestone in the country’s journey to become self-sufficient in gas production.

Henry Hub prices to get a summer boost in July

Henry Hub prices will receive support in July as rising temperatures in the US boost air conditioning-related gas demand.

Rough’s permanent closure will increase price volatility

The permanent closure of the UK's Rough storage facility will cause major volatility in gas prices at the NBP during winter.

Mild weather to weigh on Henry Hub prices

Mild weather and improving stocks in the South Central Region of the United States will cap gains in Henry Hub prices.

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Executive summary

Overview of the fundamental and technical factors underpinning our global forecasts

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Regional analysis

Focus on economic trends, gas demand & production, storage, prices and trade

Storing natural gas at Changbei, China (Shell)

China’s gas market to provide an import boom

China’s gas market is set to grow and will become increasingly dependent on imports – this will result in a need for more piped and LNG imports.

Combined gas-fired power plant Samsun (OMV)

European gas-to-power – decline on the horizon

The power sector supported Europe’s gas demand growth last year, but with changes taking place in the gas and power markets that growth is not set to continue.

Qatargas 4 LNG plant (Shell)

Qatar will fight to keep its LNG market dominance

The world’s biggest LNG exporter will defend its share of the market as competition among suppliers intensifies amid the global glut of the fuel.

The UK gas sector will face short- and medium-term challenges and opportunities as the UK negotiates its exit from the EU.

Post-Brexit implications for the UK gas industry

Following the triggering of Article 50, the key short- and medium-term challenges and opportunities facing the UK gas sector are examined in this contributed feature from Zuzana Princova of IPA Advisory.

Research Notes

Gas to dominate the GCC’s power sector

Gas demand by the GCC’s power sector is set to grow over the coming years despite plans to diversify the region’s power-generation mix.

Emission reductions: supportive of gas

Increasing gas use is key to emissions reductions plans in some of the world’s largest gas markets.

Latin America’s structural shift away from LNG

Latin America’s dependence on LNG imports is set to diminish in the coming years as key regional consumers move away from the fuel.

The implications of Brexit

Following the result of the UK’s referendum on its membership of the EU, considerable uncertainty looks likely to persist in the short term.