Analysis & Forecasts

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Regional analysis

Focus on macroeconomic trends, gas demand & production, storage, prices and trade movements

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Interfuel competition

Analysis of how gas prices respond to the price of other fuels, such as coal, renewables and nuclear

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Oil market outlook

A brief analysis of the direction of crude oil prices and of oil product crack spreads

Regional Focus: Middle East & Africa


Greenstream receiving terminal, Sicily. Italy’s dependence on gas imports is set to grow. (Eni) Europe

Italy – LNG opportunities at risk

Italy’s dependence on gas imports is set to grow. As potential new LNG import projects face delays, opportunities for more diverse and competitive supply could be missed.

Mina Al-Ahmadi LNG terminal, Kuwait. (Kuwait Petroleum Corp.) Middle East & East Mediterranean

The future is bright for LNG in Kuwait

Kuwait’s increasing dependence on LNG imports will force traditional suppliers such as Qatar to become more competitive with LNG coming from the US and Australia.

Malacca LNG terminal, Malaysia. (Petronas) Asia Pacific

LNG pricing – all change!

Changes in LNG pricing – with sellers under pressure, and buyers gaining power and what it could mean for Asia is assessed in this contributed feature from Nicholas Fulford and Ryan Pereira of Gaffney, Cline & Associates.

Bahia Blanca LNG terminal, Argentina. (Enarsa) Latin America & Caribbean

Argentina attempts to wean itself off LNG

Argentina’s plan to end its dependence on LNG presents difficult questions for suppliers such as Trinidad, the US and Australia.

Research Note

The implications of Brexit

Following the result of the UK’s referendum on its membership of the EU, considerable uncertainty looks likely to persist in the short term.

By Catriona Scott 30 June 2016 9:05 GMT


If Brazil does suffer electricity cuts during the Olympic Games in August, it will not be for lack of gas. (PA) Comment

Brazil won’t buy gas to meet Olympic Games power demand

If Brazil does suffer electricity cuts during the Olympic Games in August, it will not be for lack of gas.

The response of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the failed coup is being monitored by EU leaders. (EC) The Analyst

Turkish coup could have far-reaching impact

The coup attempt in Turkey had little effect on the flow of oil and gas through the country, but the long-term consequences of political instability could be profound.

The ruling on the disputed territorial claim could escalate the standoff in the South China Sea. (US Navy, Flickr) The Analyst

South China Sea ruling risks escalating dispute

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague upheld the Philippines’ claims in the South China Sea this week, escalating tensions in the region.

The Panama Canal's western end, at Panama City. The canal is a vital trade link. (PA) The Analyst

Panama transit could speed LNG market integration

The expansion of the Panama Canal could accelerate the development of benchmarks for LNG sold into Asia.