Power of Siberia 2 would carry 30 bcm/y of Russian gas into China via the western route.
Supply & Demand

China goes cold on second Siberian gas deal

China’s economic woes have redrawn the picture for future domestic gas demand and could deal a blow to Gazprom’s hopes of signing a second supply megadeal.

Dungeness B nuclear power plant in the UK. EDF wants to concentrate on nuclear and renewables. (PA)
EU Energy Policy

EDF considers sale of European assets

French power giant EDF may sell its fossil fuel production and generation assets in Italy and elsewhere on Continental Europe to focus on nuclear and renewables.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan last December. (PA)
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Turkish Stream on ice before autumn talks

Turkish Stream seems to have been all but officially put on hold until a presidential summit in autumn.

The Noble Phoenix deepwater drilling rig at work for Shell. The company is making significant capex cuts. (Shell)
Companies & Finance

Europe’s majors continue capex cuts

The financial woes of European IOCs look set to last for the foreseeable future as companies hunker down to weather an extended period of rock-bottom prices.

Construction of the Nord Stream pipeline in 2010. Even if transit via Ukraine comes to an end after 2019, new lines into Europe will support additional flows. (Nord Stream AG) Features

Nord Stream and expanding Russian gas exports

Imports of Russian gas into Europe will rise. Even if transit via Ukraine comes to an end after 2019, new lines into Europe will support additional flows.

Gas will dominate the Egyptian energy landscape in the next few years despite supply constraints. (RWE Dea) Features

All roads lead to gas in Egypt

Gas will dominate the Egyptian energy landscape in the next few years despite supply constraints, with LNG imports a temporary solution until domestic production recovers.

Chinese investors monitoring stock prices at a brokerage house in Beijing. While the prospect of a Grexit has grabbed the headlines recently, a potentially bigger crisis in China could be a greater threat to energy markets. (PA) Comment

The China syndrome

The prospect of a Greek exit from the euro has garnered most of the headlines over the past month, but a potentially bigger crisis on the other side of the world could be a greater threat to energy markets.

European Markets

Ukraine facing potential winter storage shortage

The relatively slow pace of Ukraine’s gas storage injections means the country’s security of supply may be at risk this winter.

North American Markets

Low nuclear outages weigh on the Henry Hub

A relatively low level of outages at nuclear power plants across the US has put bearish pressure on the Henry Hub front-month futures contract.

Special Reports

The Rumble in Rovuma: Mozambique takes on the LNG heavyweights

Exploring the development of Mozambique LNG and how this potentially game-changing project could affect the global LNG industry.

Be Careful What You Wish For: The LNG Market in 2015

Independent estimates of LNG project startup dates and a look at how the market is likely to develop over the next five years.

Keeping Out The Cold: Europe's Winter Gas Supply Security

A look at the global LNG supply situation in addition to projections for when new sources could reach the terminals of Europe.

Terminal Velocity: The Race for Regas

How global LNG regasification capacity is set to develop over the course of this decade and what this will do to change the supply/demand balance in the global LNG market.

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